5 Must Do Things On Your Cyprus Wedding Day

Nowadays as a Bride to Be you have a lot on your mind; and you want to be sure that everything will run smoothly without any mistakes.

As you have already planned out a beautiful Cyprus wedding day and double-checked all the details you still feel that something is missing, right?

Do you want to learn the 5 secrets to the perfect Cyprus wedding day?

Then you have come at the right place; at the right time!

  1. Just kick stress out of the window

What is the best way to relax and relieve your pre-wedding stress? Well, on your wedding day you can have a relaxing morning at the beach or around the pool. You are getting married in Cyprus; so this is a lovely time for you to let all the stress out by swimming in the azure waters of the Island. Do not let the opportunity to slip away on your wonderful day; it is really important to be as relaxed and calm as possible on your wedding day.

2. Have a nice breakfast

After you have relaxed make time to enjoy your bridal breakfast. Enjoy a light breakfast full of protein to make you feel full and give you energy for the day ahead. A good breakfast will help you to be shining and glowing on your wedding. As it regenerates all your power and keeps your stomach from not rumbling during the ceremony; then definitely all eyes are gonna be on you.

3. Switch alcohol for water

For this day only you have to sacrifice any type of alcohol and be bfd (best friend for a day) with water. It is very essential on your wedding day to keep yourself hydrated. Not only for your own sake but also for the amazing photos you want to have, to cherish for a lifetime. Note down the in-laws, the selfies and videos but most important your wedding dress. You not wish to ruin any of the above!

4. Give your best self in the photo-shoot

Every photo of your special day matters as it goes into the wedding archive for future generations. Keep yourself bright and shine to look radiant to the photographers lens. Your photos are one of the most crucial things on your wedding day. And if you like it have few silly, playful and goofy photos too. Always, they can help to cheer you up if you having a bad day!

5. Steal the stage from your hubby

Traditionally the men of the wedding parties have been responsible for the toasts and speeches of the head table. It's your wedding day too why not give a bridal speech after your father and of course steal the stage from your sweet hubby. Who said traditions cannot be broken? This is a way to show that you and your husband share one voice!

How do you see your special day now? Are you excited to get married?

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Article Author - Elena Zinonos

Social Media and Marketing Manager
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