Blessings and Renewal of vows are becoming very popular nowadays, simply for those who got married a fair number of years ago,  when there were not the inspirations and venues as there are today.

Every day we are asked about these packages, giving the chance for those to have a blessing or renew their vows included the family, children, and relatives that could not come to their wedding!


Our celebrant is always pleased to offer this service and of course, you can include your own readings, and the story of how you met and a journey through your marriage up to date, they are great to do and a fabulous way or excuse for a great party on a yacht!

Same-sex blessings are also becoming very popular now on board, at our Lemba vrisi or beach venue too!


Why not contact us and see what we can offer? [email protected]

Blessing ordained by our Celebrant €275

This is perfect for those who have married in their own country but wish to have a ceremony which gives them the same feeling as if they have married on the Island of Love or maybe you prefer to keep quiet that you are already married and your guests will not realize that this is a wedding blessing, as it is such a beautiful ceremony that we perform and personalized to your requirements and certificate signed by our very own Celebrant, Bride, Groom, and two Witnesses.

Symbolic Blessings €275

Many couples choose to marry with a civil ceremony and although legal, can lack that special experience of a Blessing and words that mean so much...

We offer same-sex Symbolic Blessings on board any of our vessels or on a beautiful private beach. The blessing is conducted by own in house Celebrant. A Symbolic certificate is issued too.
Please note that this is a symbolic ceremony and has no legal binding.

Renewal of Vows - €275

Your Renewal of Vows ceremony is conducted by our Celebrant and the wedding Manager Sharron. This can take place onboard any of our beautiful vessels or at a private beach. The ceremony will last for approximately 30 minutes and you will be given a Certificate of your Special Day for you to keep.

The Renewal of Vows ceremony will begin with an introduction by our celebrant welcoming you and your guests to Cyprus to celebrate the Renewal of Vows.

We will then read a short paragraph about your story, how you met, how your relationship has progressed, any children etc, this will be drafted by a member of our Team after having met with you both prior to your Special Day. Following this, our celebrant will say a few intimate words to you both followed by a prayer before beginning the Ceremony.

You will be asked to repeat after the Celebrant for the Vows and then the rings will be blessed. Finally, the Lord’s Prayer will be read out before you can finally kiss.

Please note that we will require photocopies of your passports and your original Marriage certificate.

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