A: No. Everything is in English including the paperwork and ceremony.
You will be asked to sign 3 copies of your marriage certificate (bride signs in old name) of which you will be given one copy at the ceremony.
You do not have to get it translated when you arrive home unlike most countries.

Extras on board

A: Yes we will make an appointment to visit you once you are in resort to finalize the plans for your very special day

A: Yes the fireworks are fired from the platform at the back of the yacht. The bride and groom may light the last two rockets. The price includes a fire officer and government license also great if you do not tell the guests. A big WOW to the end of the night.

A: Yes you can email us or phone us to book and pay. Just advise us you do not want the couple to know as it is a wedding present. We love secrets.

A: Yes we will match (to the nearest shade) your colour scheme. When we meet you we will have swatches of colours for you to choose from.

A: Yes we can provide candles and flowers floating in bowls of water. We can also have candles but they must be in glass holders covering the flame. Again this is for fire safety on the yacht.

A: Yes we change our special offers every month. Just check our website once a month for the details

A: Gerbs are stage fireworks. You would have them at the end of the night on either side of the red carpet for you both to walk through. Again a great idea if you do not tell your guests. A big WOW to the end of the night


A: This can be done in monthly installments FREE of charge of any amount convenient for you until the balance is paid OR the very latest is 30 days prior to your wedding day.

A: Yes. If you pay your holding fee of 500 Euros to secure your date and yacht and you win the competition you will receive you holding fee back.

A: No. Most of our packages include a FREE bar but if you opt for a paying bar you can only purchase drinks with Euros

A: A 20% deposit is required to secure your booking. You can either pay this in full OR pay a €500 holding fee with the remainder of the deposit due after 60 days.

A: Yes, we confirm via email all monies received and if they are paid in sterling, the currency conversion rate.

A: You can either pay into our UK NATWEST Account in Sterling and use the www.xe.com currency conversion chart to know how much it is you are paying in Euros on the day you pay in.
Or you can pay via our Cyprus PAYPAL system which is JCC Payment systems where the central bank will send you an email for a request for payment and you fill in your card details on line, please note that this way we advise you to check with your bank what their charges are as you will be paying in Euros.

The Yacht

A: NO, we are there for approx 1 hour before you start your cruise. You are then in the hands of the fully professional and qualified wedding crew. Although there are occasions that we come back to see you later in the evening.

A: Usually you would arrive at approx 23.30hrs if your reception is not on the Ocean Flyer. You may then stay on board the next day for a cruise (our scheduled cruise with paying guests) to a bay for swimming with food and unlimited drinks until 14.00hrs

A: Yes, we always have Crew on board who are very discrete but will always serve you that last drink under the stars.

A: No. You can have the yacht for a wedding reception or private party after your ceremony.

A: You can choose any of our vessels to marry on board depending on the size of the wedding party, the location of the yacht and also the type of ceremony

A: No. You can have ANY package with no sailing. You can hire the yacht for a PRIVATE wedding reception venue for family and friends

A: You can marry on board with any of our 9 packages.

A: As long as you wish. You choose the package that is right for you from 2 hours up to 6 hours or even add extra hours if required. The latest finish time is Midnight.

A: Yes, you can. However, stiletto heels must be removed for the duration of the reception so as not to damage the flooring on board. However, stiletto heel protectors can be used.

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