Photography To Capture Your Wedding Day

Our professional photographers are simply the best, they can offer a range of photo shoots on your dream day, the most popular is, of course, is our full day photography, as this includes pre-wedding photos getting ready at your accommodation, still shots of flowers, shoes, jewellery etc, arriving at the venue, full ceremony, after the ceremony, family and group shots and any special request shots.  It is a great idea to ask someone responsible in the guest party or bridal party to write down particular photos, like maybe "Fred wants a photo with bride only"  as remember that our photographer does not know who the people are and will need assistance with these photos, to make sure we do not miss nay wanted shots. From the venue to the welcome reception, champagne, dove release, cake cutting, first dance, sunset photos and partying throughout the night and fireworks etc.

If you have chosen the full day photographer you will receive approximately 300-400 photos that have been edited for you, you will receive a USB given to download all your photos that will arrive usually 6 weeks after on a link with the copyright certificate, so you can get any printed that you wish.   Please download and save on the USB and also download a further copy just in case!

Our photographers have worked with us for over 16 years and always shoot the most amazing photos; they are very friendly and helpful and have great respect for our wedding couples and their guests, along with making you feel comfortable and relaxed so that the best shots are captured.

A great opportunity is the after wedding photoshoot which can take place a day or 2 after your wedding, where you have the chance to spend more time, just the two of you and a chauffeur-driven car with a bottle of chilled bubbly and two glasses for that extra special treat.

The shoot lasts around 2-3 hours at two locations, with authentic shots in a valley, pre-historic village, beach, and if you want to “Trash your Dress” we have dresses that you can roll in the sand and jump in the sea, all included in this package. You will receive on a link ready to download approx 60 fully edited photos and a further selection of artistic shots complete with our USB to take home ready for download, which usually arrives 40-60 days after the shoot.


Videographers are really an important piece of your wedding day, having a video you will be able to relive your dream day over and over again, they capture the live moments that you miss on the day!

What we offer is something different, our team sends a link with three different folders to break your wedding day memories, Full Day will be with the team of photographers and will work together, the folders will come as one for Speeches, One for Ceremony and one which is usually 12 mins long for highlights, this way you are able to send a folder of which section you wish to any of your guests.

Our professional filming team are great, capturing those moments so that you can look back on them and re-live your day and laugh as you remember.

They tend to shoot a lot more footage so that they have a lot to work with when they are in the editing suite.

The 10-15 min approx highlights of your day comes complete with music that the videographer chooses to match in with timings of slides. You are the stars on your wedding day but we think it is very important to document all of your guests, family, and friends (as well as you) having a fantastic time at your amazing party!

Full day videography is a fantastic way to keep reliving your dream day over and over again!!  Fireworks are an amazing part of your video clips,

Book early to avoid disappointment for a truly magical day!

Here are some videos and photos to see what we do.

Lemba Vrisi Ceremony followed by Sea Star Yacht

Ceremony on Board Sea Star Yacht

Ceremony Lemba Vrisi and Ocean Flyer

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